Thursday, May 26, 2005

Writing Standards and Limitations

I’m writing this essay, as I write many of my pieces, as a break from my business writing. I’ve committed myself to writing at least five culinary book reviews a week for my web site and RSS news feed. Publishers are sending me culinary books to review. While I have active plans to revamp my publishing company, this time specializing in food books, I’ve made a commitment to myself to concentrate on establishing these cookbook reviews as the definitive site of its type on the web.

I cannot deny that I am prolific as writers go and accomplish a great deal, but I follow my own standards. There is, hence, a limit to how much I can produce a day and still maintain my own high quality level. I’m beginning to feel that my daily limit is about 1500 words, from concept to completion.

I’ve recently, after much thought, revamped my plans for a new book, You Have A Voice, in which I distill my experience as a public speaking trainer and coach. My previous outline was much too limited. I incorporated all the material of that outline into a new, more fluid outline. I still have a month or so of reflection to go before I get to work on You Have A Voice, and then it will only be in my off moments. It is precisely because I am constrained not to write the book in a white heat that a well-burnished outline is necessary.


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